Ingrid Enamorado

Ingrid Enamorado

International Logistics Manager

Born in Santa Barbará, the “land of reeds and coffee,” and proudly Honduran, Ingrid grew up surrounded by love and coffee bushes. She learned the process of growing coffee from her grandparents, father, and uncles, who dedicated their lives to its cultivation.

She moved to the industrial capital of Honduras, San Pedro Sula, to finish her studies and currently lives there. She is a proud mother of three young kids and a grandson, all of whom she dedicates her time and unconditional love.

Coffee has always been amongst the greatest passions in her life; it is a dream come true for her to be a fundamental part in the direction and development of a company like Café De Mi Pueblo Internacional Coffee, a young company of great entrepreneurs and dreamers united with one purpose: serving with passion and dedication, always through grace led by the hand of God!

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