Café De Mi Pueblo was created in memory of Candida Rosa Rodriguez, thanks to her children and grandchildren. Since 1850, “Mi Pueblo Coffee” has come from the coffee fields of the Rodriguez Tercero family, where the land has been worked with effort, sweat and commitment.

For years, the children and grandchildren of Candida Rosa Rodriguez have been improving the process of growing coffee beans. They have done so in pursuit of the dream of bringing Mi Pueblo Coffee into your home.

Today, José Mendoza is turning that dream into a reality.

Our Mission

The excellent quality in coffee is our only mission: from the most thorough selection of the best grain, to the highest storage standards and the finest roasting, to the choice of the best packaging where quality, aroma and freshness are preserved to the maximum, with which our clients receive it. Being an example that it is possible to consolidate and make prevail a world-class coffee company from its origins, with discipline, humility and commitment.

Our Vision

To be recognized nationally and internationally as a company that produces the best coffee, dedicated to the cultivation, transformation and export, based on international models and preserving the environment, with the objective of offering export product to the global market with timely delivery and consolidating good business relationships based on the constant growth of our production and the satisfaction of our customers.

Our Commitment

In addition to the quality of our coffee, we are committed to provide and facilitate the area between our producers with multiple journeys of health, taking our health brigades to the most remote areas.

We also support these low-income areas with deliveries of supplies to schools in the area, and also with school snacks; for us, children are the most important.

Our Founder

Jose Mendoza

José Mendoza

President | CEO

José A. Mendoza is the son of Mauricio Mendoza and Maria D. Tercero. He was born on January 10, 1987, in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

José always dreamed of bringing his family’s coffee, and that of his neighbors, into the U.S. market. He is in charge of his mother’s farm and has slowly built an international relationship with coffee buyers in the United States. He plans to eventually expand into Asia, Europe and Canada.

In 2018, he made the decision to create Café De Mi Pueblo, inspired by his childhood memories, especially when he would go to his grandmother’s farm to spend the weekend at San Nicolas, Santa Barbara, Honduras. José worked hard every day and started from nothing.

José went to the Liceo Militar Del Norte Military High School in Honduras and eventually went to Delta Community College in Monroe, Louisiana.

Aside from Café De Mi Pueblo, José also owns Mendoza Construction Inc., a contracting business based in Louisiana.

On a personal note, he wants to dedicate this business in the memory of Hank E. Ecroyd.

Our Team

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